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Gaunter ODim

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Und mussten sich wieder, etwa durch die Zustndigkeit innerhalb jeder Tag nach Hause geliefert und Marmorgesichter herab.

Gaunter ODim

Gaunter zückt den unterschriebenen Vertrag - der in Flammen aufgeht - und will sich Olgierd greifen, um ihm seine Seele zu entreißen. Dies ist. In der Erweiterung Hearts of Stone trifft Hexer Geralt wieder auf den Charakter Gaunter O'dim, der ihn vor eine scheinbare unlösbare Aufgabe. The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Komplettlösung: So löst ihr das Rätsel von Gaunter O'dim für das alternative Ende.

Gaunter ODim Was ein Mann sät - Tempel von Lilvani

Gaunter O'Dim, unter anderem als der Spiegelmeister und der Mann des Glases bekannt, ist ein. Gaunter o'Dim ist ein Nebencharakter in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, der vom Volk früher auch Spiegelmeister und Mann des Glases Gaunter O'Dimm In der Erweiterung Hearts of Stone trifft Hexer Geralt wieder auf den Charakter Gaunter O'dim, der ihn vor eine scheinbare unlösbare Aufgabe. Gaunter O'Dim in The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt ist nicht das, was er auf den ersten Blick zu sein scheint. Bekannt ist er auch unter den. Womit sogleich Gaunter O'Dim vom Himmel schreitet und den Preis für seine Dienste fordert: Olgierds Seele. Ihr müsst euch entscheiden, ob ihr Olgierd opfern​. Der DLC Hearts of Stone glänzt unter anderem mit seinem herrlich teuflischen Bösewicht Gaunter O'Dimm - ein starker Kontrast zum eher. Die von Gaunter O'Dimm auf Geralts Schläfe gebrannten Zeichen. Quelle: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Addon Hearts of Stone, PS4. Sehr zu.

Gaunter ODim

Womit sogleich Gaunter O'Dim vom Himmel schreitet und den Preis für seine Dienste fordert: Olgierds Seele. Ihr müsst euch entscheiden, ob ihr Olgierd opfern​. Gaunter O'Dim, unter anderem als der Spiegelmeister und der Mann des Glases bekannt, ist ein. Die von Gaunter O'Dimm auf Geralts Schläfe gebrannten Zeichen. Quelle: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Addon Hearts of Stone, PS4. Sehr zu. The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone Komplettlösung: So löst ihr das Rätsel von Gaunter O'dim für das alternative Ende. Gaunter zückt den unterschriebenen Vertrag - der in Flammen aufgeht - und will sich Olgierd greifen, um ihm seine Seele zu entreißen. Dies ist.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Meeting Gaunter O'Dimm

Significant plot details end here. No, you are wrong. Ossetian : Man amaran nai. Asauznan fala fashtama azdahznan. I'm going now but I'll be back.

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All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Witcher Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. O'Dimm reappeared when Geralt went to confront Olgierd.

As it turned out, their pact required a proxy to fulfill Olgierd's wishes. After Olgierd gave Geralt his first two wishes to show his brother Vlodimir the time of his life and to bring him Maximilian Borsodi 's house O'Dimm appeared before Geralt, offering his help as the contract did not forbid it.

He informed Geralt that Vlodimir was already deceased and thus provided a vial of von Everec blood to perform a Blood Summoning.

However, he refused to make things easy on Geralt, telling him to rely on his wit and intelligence when it came to Maximilian Borsodi's house.

Gaunter O'Dimm's true identity remained a mystery throughout most of the story, though he appeared to be a powerful being as he could take souls, grant wishes, see things for their true nature, cause ghosts pain, and could manipulate time itself, making Geralt increasingly suspicious of the true nature of O'Dimm.

Despite asking who he is, O'Dimm refused to reveal his true name to Geralt, warning him that those who learned it suffered a terrible fate. While seemingly almost untouchable, Geralt did learn that O'Dimm had one weakness: he loved to make deals with anyone who asked as long as the payment was their soul.

Playing into this, he will also take up challenges where one's soul is at stake, as he almost always won with the exception of one person who had beaten him at his own game.

However, his deals were often filled with conditions and wordplay loopholes through which O'Dimm could claim payment, apparently often Faustian in nature.

The clearest example of this trickery was shown with one Professor Premethine Shakeslock : O'Dimm granted him physical protection but forced him to remain within a spell diagram, caused mental damage with dreams and visions, and then set a trap to kill Shakeslock should he ever leave the circle.

Through the tasks Olgierd made him do, Geralt learned that Olgierd had previously made a pact with O'Dimm for the restoration of his wealth and power so that he could once again be of nobility and marry his noble-born love.

However, O'Dimm delighted in difficult decisions and made Olgierd choose between sacrificing Iris or Vlodimir before granting his wish; Olgierd chose his brother, causing him to die the next day.

However it was shown that as a "side effect" of his fulfilled desires, Olgierd had developed a heart of stone: losing his capacity for any emotions over time, culminating in the eventual death of his wife.

After fulfilling Olgierd's final wish, Geralt encountered O'Dimm again at the Alchemy tavern where he was stopped by a drunk patron inviting him to drink, which caused O'Dimm to lose his patience and stop time itself so he could have a chat with the witcher.

Through questioning, O'Dimm told Geralt that he was neither demon nor djinn and that it was not his fault that the negative intentions of his clients caused them to suffer, explaining to Geralt that he gave people exactly what they wished for.

When questioned about who he was O'Dimm became deadly serious and told Geralt that those who know his name had either gone mad or had died and he was showing the witcher mercy by not telling him.

He ordered Geralt to bring Olgierd to a meeting at the Temple of Lilvani to complete their deal, then killed the interrupting drunkard with a spoon through the eye on his way out before restoring the flow of time.

Looking for more information on O'Dimm, Geralt, thanks to Shani 's help, eventually found the Professor Shakeslock in Oxenfurt Academy , where he had cloistered himself in his house out of fear of what he had discovered.

He told the witcher that Olgierd had hired him to research O'Dimm's identity and to figure out how Olgierd might get rid of him.

He had "pored over countless tomes, delved into obscure incidents and analyzed folk legends" and came to believe that, in short, O'Dimm was "Evil Incarnate.

He further explained that O'Dimm was just one of many names belonging to the entity, a record of whose presence could be traced back thousands of years and across different cultures, and was a being who appeared to relish in meddling with human affairs, taking their souls, and sowing misfortune.

However, O'Dimm had one weakness: he could be tempted into pacts where one's soul is at stake and he must always keep his end of the bargain.

The professor revealed that simply studying about O'Dimm had caused him to go blind, which had in turn attracted the attention of O'Dimm himself.

O'Dimm had then drawn the professor a magical circle of protection as a reward of sorts, telling him that he would be safe as long as he remained in the circle.

However, he then made the ceiling brace above the circle weaken, creating a death trap for the professor should he leave the circle.

Geralt managed to get the information he wanted out of the professor who proclaimed that he felt happy just to be useful again.

This reaction corresponded to the failure of the ceiling brace, causing structural damage and shaking the walls with enough force to cause a bookcase to fall.

Geralt managed to hold the bookcase upright but the professor tripped over a bottle as he backed away, causing him to fall outside the circle and to break his neck on a small pile of books, instantly killing him.

O'Dimm greeted both Geralt and Olgierd at the temple ruins by walking down from the sky, telling Olgierd that he is here for his soul as agreed.

Olgierd disputed this by stating that O'Dimm can only claim his soul as per the agreement by granting him three wishes through a third party and for him to "be standing upon the moon" which Olgierd thought to be impossible.

Still grinning wickedly, O'Dimm revealed that through Geralt he has done the three wishes and, with a gesture, blowed away the dust and dirt off the temple grounds to reveal an old tile floor with a design of the moon, thus fulfilling his side of the bargain evidenced by the contract itself bursting into flames.

At this point Geralt could do one of two things:. If Geralt decided the second option: O'Dimm would take him up on that offer but on his own terms, and promptly sent Geralt to a hellish and twisted landscape filled with shadowy versions of monsters Geralt had fought before.

He told the witcher a riddle which he needed to solve to find O'Dimm and catch him before the timer ran out. To add to the challenge O'Dimm also created illusions and distractions, among them: an illusion of Shani about to fall off a cliff, numerous dead ends and pitfalls, and continuous taunting as Geralt tried his luck.

You think you've defeated me but you are wrong.

Es spielt keine Rolle, ob ihr die Wahrheit erwidert oder mit einer Ausrede ausweicht. Schriftzeichen des klassischen Tibetisch mit Transliteration und Transkription. Impressum Nutzungsbestimmungen Datenschutz Filme Mit Paul Walker. Ich bin Till Topf Meinung. Vielleicht gibt es ja im Witcher -Universum tatsächlich irgendwo ein Äquivalent zu unserer Shakhtar Gebirgsnation. Auch alle Plakate und Wanted-Plakate…. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Bitte logge dich einum diese Funktion nutzen zu können. Dieses Thema im Zeitverlauf.

On the first floor of the house we will find a professor who is standing in a protective circle. The poor fellow is not only mad, but also almost blind.

Upon learning that the witcher was in front of him, the professor would agree to talk and tell everything that he could learn about Gaunter.

He also advises the witcher to defeat Gaunter with the help of the deal, because the Glass Man always observes the terms of the contract and fulfills his part.

That is what will help us to save Olgerd. Mirror burns the contract and goes in the direction of Olgerd to take his soul. Here we have to choose which side to take: o Dim or Olgerd?

The end of the task will depend on our decision. Because Geralt has fulfilled his part of the contract, Gaunter about o'Dim sum will offer the witcher to choose one of several gifts.

When finished, Mr. Mirror will go away, tossing the skull and whistling. If you listen, you will find out that this is a song of children about Gaunter.

Gaunter's song about o'Dim is a song that children sometimes sing in the villages. Gaunter himself also whistled her when a storm appeared and after Olgerd died in a bad ending.

If you have not heard it before, here is the lyrics:. The face is prigozh, and umilen speeches Only in the eyes of the cold grave reigns He will give you success and prosperity Generously endows both silver and gold Only not for nothing so kind he is to people Time will come to pay bills Treasure at once you will post Forever shackled you he concluded.

Let's return to a good ending. Having prevented Mr. Olgerd from killing Mr. Who am I? The correct answer to the riddle is its reflection.

That it is to find Geralt in this dark world. From this moment the countdown of the time allotted for this riddle will begin. Quickly go forward along the path, without turning anywhere.

We need to go under the arch, which can be seen in the second screenshot. After the arch you can go straight into the house, but it is best to first turn left and pick up the Poisoned Silver Sword of the Snake School.

This is a unique sword, and you will not get it anymore. Deal with a ghost or run past - your business. Jump on the ledge and take out the sword from the stone.

Gaunter all this time watching Geralt and releases his comments. For example, that we will not succeed.

And, in my opinion, it will even turn out Taking the sword, we return to the path, focus on the luminous windows of the house and run towards it.

To run on the left side or on the right - it does not matter, you will come running to the house in any case. Getting closer, run over the fence, run past or deal with the ghosts and go straight to the house.

Having run into the house, we immediately see the descent near the left wall - we run along it and notice a mirror at the end of the corridor.

And here, it seems, the obvious answer to where Geralt can see his reflection. But no, Gaunter will interfere with our plans and break all the mirrors in his world.

And with them, and the floor under our feet. Therefore, we will have to find a mirror that cannot be broken. Once under the house we need to go down the stairs and go to the left mirror, highlighted in red.

This mirror will also break, then right behind it, with the help of witch's instincts, we can find water, and with it Gaunter about o'Dim.

And also a tiny wall that will surely spread out from Aard. We break the wall with the help of Aard, find our reflection in the water and solve the riddle of the demon, listening to his last words.

If you do not have time, then Mirror man will appear in front of you and kill Geralt. After that, you have to boot back and start the walkthrough of the riddle from the beginning.

After finishing the conversation, O'Dimm stands up from the table and leaves the inn. He is not encountered again. After Geralt, who had accepted a job from Olgierd von Everec, has been captured by a delegation from Ophir for killing their prince, O'Dimm suddenly appears on the ship of the Ophiri.

He offers the witcher a deal; he will set him free, in exchange for a favour. After Geralt agrees, O'Dimm burns a mark on his face as a sign of contract, then disappears after telling Geralt to meet him again near a village at midnight.

He then conjures up a storm, which destroys the ship and gives Geralt a chance to escape. When Geralt heads to the he sees that Gaunter awaits him.

O'Dimm remembers Geralt that he owes him for saving his life and helping him with finding Yennefer. He tells Geralt that he has difficulties with Olgierd whom he describes as a vile monster who refuses to pay his debts.

He claims that Olgierd also wronged Geralt by sending him on the job that led to Geralt being captured. He asks Geralt for help in making Olgierd pay up.

He offers Geralt a reward and also reveals that if Geralt helps him, he would consider Geralt's debt to him paid. If Geralt inquires as to what Gaunter did for Olgierd, O'Dimm reveals that Olgierd came to him a poor man and owed his new riches to him.

Gaunter claims that Olgierd refused to pay up afterwards and that Gaunter was forced to invoke the terms of their contract. O'Dimm then takes Geralt with him to meet Olgierd.

When Geralt returns to Olgierd, O'Dimm interrupts their conversation. He once more presses the fact that Olgierd sent Geralt to kill the Ophiri prince, fully aware of the consequences.

O'Dimm also reveals that Olgierd was the one to curse the prince, who was supposed to marry the woman Olgierd loved.

Olgierd then reminds O'Dimm that Gaunter must fulfil him three wishes first before he has to pay up. O'Dimm introduces Geralt as his champion and tells Olgierd that Geralt will fulfil the three wishes as a proxy for Gaunter.

As Geralt is the one whom he has to deal with, Olgierd expels Gaunter from the place and O'Dimm leaves after a mocking bow. After O'Dimm is gone, Olgierd reveals to Geralt that he has prepared three tasks so hard Geralt can never fulfil them - thus preventing O'Dimm from collecting his soul.

When Geralt leaves the estate to fulfil the requests, he is once more approached by O'Dimm who gives him information on how to manage both tasks.

After Geralt has fulfilled the fist task, obtaining Max Borsodi's house, he calls the ghost of Vlodimir von Everec as Olgierds second wish was a giant party for his deceased brother.

Geralt brings Vlodimir, who has inhabited Geralt's body for the duration of the party, to a wedding where, among other guests, O'Dimm is present.

Despite Vlodimir possessing Geralt's body, O'Dimm immediately recognizes Vlodimir and mocks and insults him for being the weak brother who was never as good as Olgierd.

After giving Geralt some tips how to flirt with Shani, O'Dimm departs into the night. When Vlodimir later refuses to leave Geralt's body O'Dimm appears once again.

He forcefully drives the spirit out of Geralt and tortures him with his sinister powers before banishing Vlodimir back to his grave. It is during Olgierd's last wish Geralt learns the true extent of O'Dimm's power.

He learns of the backstory of Olgierd as well as O'Dimm's deal with him. After fulfiling the third task he returns to a tavern in Oxenfurt where he believes to be meeting Olgierd.

Instead, O'Dimm is sitting on a bench and beckons Geralt closer. Before Geralt can sit down, a drunk man approaches Geralt and invites Geralt to drink with him.

He tries to convince Geralt but O'Dimm stops the conversation by clapping into his hands which stops time altogether - except for him and Geralt.

While the rest of the patrons are frozen in time, O'Dimm tells Geralt to bring Olgierd to the Temple of Lilvani to fulfil the deal.

He then stands up and walks towards the door. Once he has reached the drunk patron, O'Dimm kills him by driving a wooden spoon into his eye, claiming that this was the last time the man interrupted him.

He then restores the flow of time and leaves the tavern. When Geralt and Olgierd arrive at the Temple of Lilvani, a clifftop ruin, O'Dimm arrives moments later by walking towards them through the air.

Olgierd's heart of Stone returns back to normal. When he claims that he has fulfiled his part of the deal, Olgierd remembers him that both of them have to stand on the moon if O'Dimm wanted to collect his soul.

However, O'Dimm reveals that he outsmarted Olgierd. By removing the dust from the floor he reveals that the floor is in truth a mosaic of the moon.

Despite Olgierd's stammering denial, Gaunter moves forward in order to collect the soul. It is up to the player how the outcome is.

If Geralt does not interfere, Gaunter revokes Olgierd's immortality. Absorbing Olgierd's soul, he watches as Olgierd rapidly ages before him.

He then grabs Olgierd by the head and rips out his skull. As their deal is fulfilled, Gaunter removes the mark from Geralt's face.

He then rewards Geralt for his help and casually walks from the temple, humming his tune and juggling Olgierd's skull.

However, Geralt can save Olgierd by interfering when O'Dimm tries to collect the soul. With the information from the professor, Geralt can challenge O'Dimm to a wager.

Should Geralt solve a riddle O'Dimm poses, Olgierd's soul is free. Should Geralt fail to solve the riddle in time, O'Dimm collects both his and Olgierd's soul.

O'Dimm agrees and transports Geralt in a surreal world where Geralt has to solve the following riddle:. Children delight in me, elders take fright.

Fair maids rejoice and spin. Cry and I weep, yawn and I sleep. Smile, and I too shall grin. What am I? Venturing through the world, Geralt arrives in a vast room full of mirrors.

Realising that the solution is "a reflection", Geralt moves towards one of the mirrors but before he can look inside, O'Dimm destroys the mirror with his powers.

He continues to do so every time Geralt approaches another mirror while mocking Geralt. Eventually, Geralt manages to outsmart O'Dimm by blowing up a brick wall that seals a spring.

By looking at his own reflection in the water, Geralt solves O'Dimm's riddle and is able to banish the demon from their realm of being.

However, as O'Dimm is immortal, it is implied that he will return one day as he has done before. With his last words, a demon-faced O'Dimm also claims that he cannot be killed and will be back.

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